Can't install a SmartApp that's previously run for 12 months

Fixing the company is not my problem, I’m just a humble, though technically savvy, user who’s on the brink of throwing in the towel and getting a replacement system that’s known to work.

You’ve just got to read the threads on here of disheartened users because simple things work, then don’t work, then may work again but may also need manual intervention to work again… The “Time based events failing?” thread here, Time based events failing?, is an example of that, as is the error described in this thread - something was working and now its not.

You wanted advice on what I’d do, if it was me running the place, I’d say “no new features get shipped until we fix up the problems that our existing customers are complaining about in the community and the support tickets”.

All I want is a system in which I can be certain that things WILL happen as planned not one in which things may happen if you’re lucky. The platform MUST be deterministic.

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:notes: … This is my grown-up Christmas wish!.. :notes:

I have fixed multiple apps that once worked and a back end change broke them… unfort. that seems to be what the state Is at least with custom device types… for stock ones… they seem to make the same fixes changes and not letting anyone know.

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