Can't get VRMX1-1LZ in 3-Way to sync

I have (10) Leviton VRMX1-1LZ wired as single-pole. Each one was simple to sync by powering on/off. None of them required the “air-gap” procedure to work. I have a VRMX-1LZ wired in a 3-way that just won’t sync, even after the air-gap procedure. I have exhausted all my ideas at this point - help, please?

When you say “air-gap procedure”, do you mean until you see the red LED?

After 7-10 seconds the bottom LED turns orange. I haven’t read anything about “red” ?

@bravenel, I tried what you suggested here, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

The LED will turn red if you continue to hold it down another 7 seconds or so. The dimmer is not reset until you see the red. It only flashes red momentarily, not solid, so you have to pay attention.

Thanks Bruce. Once it starts flashing red, it doesn’t stop. I take during this time I should have ST app looking? If I understand your correctly:

  1. Air-gap
  2. Start ST to pair
  3. Hold down until flashing red


No. Hold down until red flash to reset the dimmer. Then start the pairing on ST, then press the switch once. The amber light should start blinking, then go solid if it pairs. After it stops blinking, check Things to see if it paired even if the searching did not seem to complete.