Can't get rid of Rachio SmartApp

Some time ago I installed the Rachio smartapp. Now it doesn’t work. I can’t seem to delete it though. Any ideas?

Make sure no other scene or app uses it.

I never automated anything with it in smartthings, I just added it. When I open the rachio smartapp it errors. Can’t even get to a button or anything

Did you try to delete from the IDE?

It’s not shown there to delete on the web interface.

Maybe @tslagle13 or one of the other reps here can help?

@Zach_Varberg @jody.albritton Can anyone give some guidance as to why I can’t use the smart app NOR remove it? It simply says it’s having a problem, has a retry button, and it never gets anywhere.

Did you look at the smartapp listed under your hub and not the smartapp section? It won’t show under smartapp as those are manually created apps. The ones approved by ST will show up as a smartapp listed under your hub. From there you can delete…

  1. You need to login to the IDE at

  2. Goto Locations (not SmartApps)

  3. Select Installed SmartApps from the Location page.

  4. Select Edit in the right hand corner

  5. Scroll down until you find the SmartApp

  6. Click Uninstall and it should disappear.

  7. If it doesn’t disappear, scroll back to the top and there will be an error message.


Thank you! It worked perfectly!

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If you can, mark that post with the instructions as a Solution ✓ so that anyone else who might have an issue like this can see that post as a solution. :slight_smile:

Done. Thanks for the reminder.

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This did it for me, thank you.