Can't get Philips Hue bulbs with routines to work properly in bathroom

So I put 4 bulbs in my bathroom, and I am controlling everything with the SmartThings app… So here are the 3 routines I am using :

7am to 11pm - IF door closed OR Motion Detected THEN 5000k, dimmed 100%.
11pm to 7am - IF door closed OR Motion Detected THEN 3000k, dimmed 30%,
IF door opened OR motion not detected THEN lights off.

I am having some issues with them. Some of them will stay at 3000k during the day and dimmed to 30%. Some will be at 5000k but dimmed to 30%, some will be fine. I am having a hard time figuring out why it doesn’t work properly. I don’t know if the Philips Hue app could be interfering with the SmartThings app? I did not add any routines to the Philips Hue app.

Can you post screenshots of the rules that you created?

The scene is : 5000k, 100% dim. (I also tried to put those in the rule instead of a scene, no change).

Scene : 3000k, 30% dim.

I also tried 7:00 to 23:00 and 23:00 to 7:00, but I started the rule 1 minute after the previous one ends just to test things out to see if it was something acting funny.

Then there is a rule… No motion/Door open which leads to the lights being closed. For now that one is no longer a problem. Its really the rules when the lights are on that is bothering me. I did a reset of both the smart hub and philips hue bridge. It seems as if the Time constraint are being ignored and it is selecting a rule at random for each bulbs.

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We need to see the third rule as well. Any rule that applies to those devices.

Both conditions must be met : no motions and opened door. The scene puts all lights to off.
No time on this one, because I want it to run all day long. I also tried with motionless duration.

So really, my lights do whatever they want. They switch between 3000k and 5000k all the time, and 30% to 100% dim whenever it wants. Sometimes I get 5000k at 30% dim for some reasons.

Try eliminating a variable in order to isolate the problem. eg, Just see if dim level works, and ignore color temperature for now.

If the above works consistently, then there will be an indication that the Device Handler is having difficulty running multiple settings in one Scene - perhaps.

An additional tool to help debug is watching Live Logging in the IDE. Unfortunately it only updates while open and you can only see the messages which the DH and SmartApp have been programmed to output.

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I just want to give an update as to why this was happening.

First of all, I tried everything on the SmartThings Classic and it worked great. I couldn’t even add the Smart Lights automation to the new SmartThings app…

It was due to my phone’s DNS for some reasons. ST Classic allowed me to use a custom DNS. However, as soon as I removed my custom DNS from my phone, everything worked well on the new SmartThings app. It has been working great for slightly more than a week now.

Hope it helps anyone that comes across this problem too.