Can't get lux threshold to work

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I had been using the handler “Dome motion sensor” but could never get it to not activate at high lux. Today I did some searching and found the “Zwave motion/light sensor” handler but when I changed the type to that, the settings screen in the app was blank. What handler will only activate in low light and let me change the settings?

What’s the brand and model of the sensor you are using?

Dome DMMS1

This is a simple motion/light sensor so you should be using the built-in handler, but you will need to use a custom handler to change the settings. After changing the settings and confirming that the device woke up and saved them you can change the “Type” field back to the built-in handler.

Using the custom handler, open live logging, change the settings to what you want them to be, and then wake the device up and live logging should show whether or not the device is saving the setting changes.

That device supports all the functionality so if the settings are saving then the device most likely doesn’t support whatever you’re trying to make it do.

That being said, if I remember correctly Dome implemented the parameters as unsigned integers resulting in them not using large enough parameter sizes to fit the values as documented. I wrote that handler a long time ago and I wasn’t aware of that problem or know how to fix it so I might have cut some of the supported ranges in half…

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I’m not sure what you mean by the built in handler. The type list only shows the two you wrote that appear to be related to motion sensors.

I’ve only written one handler for the Dome Motion sensor which I wrote for DMMS1.

The device is a simple motion/lux sensor so there’s no need to use a custom handler except to change the settings. The built-in handler is the handler it would have been assigned if you didn’t have my handler installed and it’s most likely called something like Z-Wave Motion/Light Sensor.

What feature are you unable to get working?

FYI, the device doesn’t support enabling/disabling motion reports that are sent to the hub based on the lux level. Those settings only apply to Association Group 2 and SmartThings doesn’t have a built-in way of setting up associations between devices.

OK, for some reason I thought I remembered seeing your name on the Z-wave one but its not.
Let’s backup; up until now I’ve been using your handler. I then use the Smart Lighting app in the Smartthings Smartapps section to create the device rules. One of the rules allows me to say the motion will only be used if the LUX is equal or lower than a set value. That’s what I’m trying unsuccessfully to use. A new twist though is that I can’t turn on the Smart Lightling app in Smartthings anymore. I can create and edit rules but I can’t turn on the app so I now assume my rules are being ignored. When I try to turn it on I get a message saying “Something went wrong. Try again later”. I’m going to contact Samsung about that today.
There must be a way with some motion/illuminance sensor and/or automation to keep the sensor from turning on lights when they are not needed.

Update, the same rule capability is available with Automations so I’m now trying that. Voila! it seems to work. I can’t find much info about the Smart Lighting Smart app but it seems like even though it is still there and can be edited, it can’t be turned on so it can’t be used.

Looks like I claimed success too soon. It seems to be only obeying the automation rule regarding LUX sometimes. I set it very low (10) but the light is still coming on when motion is seen.

I’m also still at the point where the Smartthings app is behaving differently on my Samsung S5e tablet and Pixel 4a phone. On the phone I can access settings for the motion sensor but on the tablet the settings screen is blank. I just selected “Information” from the motion sensor screen and noticed the Controller version is 1.7.41-207 on the tablet and 2.1.21-3 on the phone. I don’t know what the “Controller” is or how to update it on the tablet. I also see the automation rules can be different on the phone and tablet. I don’t see how to sync them.

Success! I made a few more changes and I now have the Dome DMMS1 working on Smartthings the way I want it to. I’m using an AUTOMATION with rules that require Lux to be below 10 ANDmotion before turning on a light. The light then goes off after 5 minutes. Based on this seemingly simple setup I’m going to get a few more of the DMMS1 motion sensors and replicate this automation on some other interior and exterior lights.

Did the controller version finally update?

Yes, the tablet and phone versions are now both 2.1.21-3. What is the “controller”, where does it come from and is there a way to force an update or see the update history?