Can't get anything to connect

I have two of the Samsung Smart Things Outlets, and the Centralite 4257050-RZHAC that wont show up when I add devices. I tried adding a sylvainia lightify as well I can login and see everything through the app and the IDE…but nothing ever shows up someone please point me in the right direction. ?

  • Also read the instructions in the package for how to hard-reset the devices first.
  • Do you possibly have different Samsung vs SmartThings logins? Make sure your Hub is listed in the App?
  • Bring the devices really close to the Hub.

Hard Reset all of them.
They are right next to the hub.
What do you mean by different Samsung Vs. Smartthings logins? My device starts blinking Green when I go to add a device.

This is just brainstorming as to weird possible things that may be going wrong. An ActionTiles customer last week had missing devices and such and traced it all back to having two different login types and it not being obvious at all. Frankly, the details of the login / authentication switchover from SmartThings to Samsung are a mystery to me. It should not have caused issues… But there are plenty of messed up weird stuff reported related to it.

You might have a defective Hub (bad ZigBee?).

Important though, you really need to work with the paid experts at SmartThings Support (chat or email).