Can't find my automations

I have simply 2 room lights via outlets that turn on 1 hour before dusk and off at a fixed time. They work perfectly daily. I want to alter the ‘on time’ but I cannot find the automations for them. Is my only option to do a reset and start over?

do you have smart lighting installed? perhaps it is in that app

menu > smartapps > smart lighting
menu > automations
or perhaps in a scene called by an automation
menu > scenes

‘Smart lighting app?’ I only remember setting up the Sylvania outlets in the Smart Things app.

One light is called ‘big room’, and it says ‘No devices’. Under scenes or automations it only tells me I can add either. None are displayed. However lighting in both rooms works perfectly.

click on the outlets and see if you set up a “power on” schedule for them

Timer slider is greyed out, tapping on it allows me to choose date/time as if none exists.
History shows daily on/off actions which are working per my setup last year when I installed the hub. Thanks for your replies, signing off for tonight.

Again, is my only recourse to reset the hub and start over?

no, I would suggest not going as far as reseting the hub. Remove the outlets and add them back… that should clear any automations or schedules for them.

Thanks, I will try that.