Cant delete SAMI smart app

Some months ago I installed the Samsung SAMI smart app that appeared, thinking it might develop into something.
I linked it to a couple of devices.
Ive come to do some maint on those devices (including deleting and re-adding) but Im unable to do so because the SAMI link/smartapp seems to be broken.
I cant uninstall SAMI from either the App or IDE.
Trying to delete from the IDE (My Locations/hub/Installed SmartApps/(Edit) Uninstall gives the following message.

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Fri May 13 08:43:53 UTC 2016

Any thoughts?

i’m replying to subscribe to this thread. I have the exact same issue. However i have had similar issues before and tech support was pretty fast at fixing it over email. I wish sami support still functioned. It was the only way i was able to get my scale to work with smartthings since the withings integration seems to be permanently ignored.

I had the same issue. I was finally able to delete it using the following process:

  1. Login to, my devices.
  2. Find a device that was “using” the smartapp (in my case it was a door open/close sensor).
  3. Click on that device and scroll down to “In Use By”, where SAMI should be listed (if it is not, repeat step 2).
  4. Click on SAMI
  5. Scroll down and click “Delete”

In my case Delete did the trick. There is also a “Force Delete”. I am not sure if “Force Delete” would do any harm or not. So, if “Delete” doesn’t work for you, use “Force Delete” at your own risk.

Ok, I installed a Smart App by mistake. I do not have any hardware for that app. so I can’t delete the way described above. Is there any way to just delete the app itself? Thanks.