Can't delete a "partially created" lock code

I used Smart Locks / Lock Codes to add a new code for my door. I entered the name (“Bird”), selected the door and entered the new code. When I clicked on Create Code, the app locked up. After about a minute I shut down the app and opened it again. When I looked at the lock codes listed, there wasn’t a code called Bird.

Ok, so I try again. I repeated the steps and this time I get the message “The Lock Code you entered already exist.” Hmmm.

I enter the new code on the door and it works. I look at Smartthings history and it says “Code 2” was used the open the door.

I want to delete the “Bird” code and/or the “Code 2” code. But neither are listed in the Lock Code list.

Any suggestions?

Doubt this will resolve it but have you tried force quitting the app and opening it back up? My first thought to resolve — If you don’t have many codes, is to remove the smart locks app, reinstall it and add all the codes back. Not pretty but an option. Or contact ST support.

What SmartApp are you using? I use RBoys Lock Manager, and they do a very good job of explaining the need for a “beaming device” which will assure that ST is passing good programming info into your physical lock. I suggest you search the boards for “beaming device”. I’ll bet this is your issue.

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Sounds like the app has a mismatched state which caused during the hang up. You may need to delete the app and reinstall it.
Alternatively you could check out an app like LUM which is much hardier and allows you to change codes as well (amongst a 100 more features) rather having to start over from scratch each time: [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)