Can't delete a location keeps giving error, any suggestions?

(Brian J Fuchs) #21

Worked on the wrong one, oops. I was able to add it back in through an invite from a connected account but it does not work on the location I want to delete. So support tickets has been sent.


Perfect thread, I was going crazy with a location that remained hanged


(MakeOrBreak) #23

Same issue here. After I merged my smartthings and samsung account, I have two locations. I deleted all my devices and hubs, but cant seem to get the additional location deleted. In IDE both location are defaulted to True and are read-only. I have contacted support to remove one of the locations, lets see.

(jkp) #24

Go to #2 in the following thread…


look at JKPs post right above you. that worked for me


Thank you jkp. That was very helpful! I’ve been trying to figure that out for a couple of months - ever since our new Samsung Smart TV decided to create a new location called Home.