Can't control z-wave switches

Is anybody still having these issues? I’ve been trying to work with support but so far nothing seems to fix it permanently. I have to constantly reboot my hub which only solves the problem for a short period of time

I am having these same issues. None of my z-wave devices will stay reliably connected. What’s weird is that I can see them connected on the hub, and even see a change in status reflected in the hub (like if I mainly move a lock from locked to unlocked), but actually running a command on one of these devices only works about half the time. There’s no rhyme or reason to when it works or when it doesn’t. Rebooting the hub tends to help, but not for very long. Of course support is not responsive at all, contacted them several days ago and have heard nothing back.

I had the exact same problem, but things have been good for me for ~ 3 weeks now. In fact, reaction time is even fast now.

Same here and to be honest and fare, support contacted me as usual, it took a while but they didnt forgot me.
I want to say thank you to everyone in the support team.

I had the same problem. Support replaced the hub. I believe some units didn’t take the upgrade well. Re-flashing didn’t fix it either. New hub works great now.

I got a new hub as well, but the new one was failing for a week and then started working great.

Support was suggesting that I may have a defective hub but I asked they disable the local appEngine and have had zero issues since

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How do you disable the local appEngine?

Interesting, I just disabled mine. Will see if the problems go away.

How do you disable it?

Is anyone still experiencing this? My z-wave devices started behaving very erratically this weekend. I have a v1 hub. (most of you on this thread seem to have a v2)

I have essentially not control over them at this point. A couple of my devices seem to work occasionally. They tend to be the ones closer to the hub, although that might be coincidental. Others just aren’t working at all.

I’ve tried all of the mentioned fixes. I started noticing symptoms in the evening of 12/12. 12/13 I was banging my head against a wall trying to figure out what I broke (I recently introduced some outlets into the mix, and though maybe that was doing it). I ended up opening a case with SmartThings on Sunday, but haven’t heard back yet.

It seemed to fix itself on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday came back with a vengeance. This morning, still not working.

I actually ordered a v2 hub last night with the thought that maybe the v1 hub just wasn’t getting the level of support it needed anymore. But based on your stories, I’m not so sure that’s going to fix it.

Frustrating. SmartThings needs better communication on this stuff. An outage dashboard would be really handy. I wasted hours this weekend trying to figure out what I had broken.

The issue has gotten better for me. I never had the v1 hub, but they sent me a replacement v2 hub and it appears to be working better now.

Spoke too soon. Over the past week, I have had to reset my hub 3-4 times daily… how are you guys doing?

I had the same problem last week. v2 hub.
I saw the change on the app but can’t control my zwave device.(zwave module failed on the log)

try doing a general zwave exclusion (in zwave utilities). don’t exclude anything. and quit the app.
when doing that. every light should go off.

that fix my problem (for now). worth a try if it’s still not working for you.

Thanks Joel!

Why do you do a general zwave exclusion instead of resetting the hub?

First thing I try was the hard reset. but it just do not work for me. every time I got “zwave module failed”.

after 3 days of no automation at my house, I was almost ready to switch back to my old vera2.

that’s when I try a global exclusion, with the intention to switch some device. but everything just start to work again !!!