Can't control some lights

Having issues with turning lights on and off. Currently at this time, I have a couple of lights that don’t respond to the App or to Alexa.

There have been issues off and on all week. Turning lights on and off has been somewhat unreliable. But I’ve never had an instance where nothing works.

These are Philips Hue bulbs.

SmartThings has been having a few problems lately. Check here:
Can you control your hue lights directly with the hue app?

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I am having the same problem with some Z-Wave switches. I have my alexa setup directly with my hue bulbs and it works fine, but some Z-wave switches won’t respond from the smartThings app or with Alexa.

Yes, I can control the lights with the Hue app. Right now I have a Hue bloom that ST won’t turn off. Earlier, a light in the basement.

A bit frustrating.

We use Alexa to control most via Smartthings. I guess I’ll have to skip ST and go directly with Hue.

My switches have been working, but the garage door monitor has been problematic. It registers open and closed appropriately, and then spontaneously pops over to the open state again. This has also been happening recently.

So the devices that were having problems on my end had to be removed and added again to resolve my issue. It’s very frustrating because I have to create my automations again. I know the device was registered with smartThings because if I turned the switch on or off, it would enter an entry in live logging that the switch was turned on/off.

You’d think smartThings would be able to restore your profile on their servers to a working state.