Can't control Inovelli Fan & Light (LZW36) separately in Google Home

I recently switched to the official Inovelli driver for the LZW36 combination fan and light dimmer switch.

I’m unable to separately control the light level and the fan speed from Google Home. Previously, the DTH created child devices to allow this separate control. But with the edge driver, only the main device is brought into GH.

I have other devices (Zooz Zen16 and Zen 17 multi-relays, for example) that are multicomponent devices. They have an option under preferences to Create Child Devices for exactly this purpose and that seems to work well.

My question is whether there is a similar setting I’ve overlooked in the Inovelli LZW36 driver to create child devices? If so where is it? If not, will it be added soon?

Or barring that, is there a manual way to create these child devices (hopefully without having to do a lot of work with virtual dimmers, syncing routines, etc.)?