Can't control anything

I see there was another platform update and now I can’t control anything around my house. Thermostat, lights, switches. Fun times.

Rebooted my hub. Seems to have solved some of my problems.

I think their server went down for about 20 minutes, happened to me too. Stuff wouldn’t work at all, then very slowly would turn on and off. Now it seems ok.

I woke up to a cold house and couldn’t kick my heater on and, the lights to get to my thermostat wouldn’t come on.

Nothing working here,…

Just got incident status.

Yeah, went back down again

It’s Saturday! I said it for the past 4 weeks that I will unplug my hub on Friday night and then plug it back in on Monday morning…but I didn’t. Nothing works here…

Update: 7:50, everything is back or so it seems.

Pretty unacceptable. They should have enterprise backup level stuff.

It has been an issue for a while because my scheduled task 1.5 hours ago triggered 32 minutes late and another five minutes later has yet to trigger.

While I got a few active/inactive messages while I was sleeping, everything is working for me right now. I’m attempting to jinx the system for testing.

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And of course click “done” on all your routines… Who knows… That should be a standard practice after the poltergeist infested last update we had. Just being cautious… :slight_smile:

Did anyone have problems with routines changing modes last night? My good night ran, said it changed to night mode but it didn’t. Running it manually said that it was already in night mode, but IDE was showing otherwise…

Mope mine was fine…

My good night routine didn’t run.

The hub apparently went on and off all night.

It’s off-line now, so my good morning isn’t going to run.

The fish is dead. :scream: ( An engineering term, not an actual fish. )



I stand by my convictions. Friday night is the time to turn the hub off not only the lights…

SmartThings motion sensor…

As you posted it we actually bought some salmon from the farmers market. :wink: Mine appears to be working now since the morning outage.

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Did you have to reboot the hub? Because mine still says off-line.

I did not… I got up saw things not working, cursed, entered my office/lab aka bathroom with my morning Joe,
When I came out… The hub was green and working… :wink:

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Mine came back on its own. I should reboot, but too many people around the house and don’t want to mess with my zigbee devices, so I’ll wait for nap time…

I’m tired and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. Now I have to figure out who I’m going to get to help with doing whatever has to be done to get everything back online.

I know there are people with much bigger problems to face today, but this is depressing.

It’s times like this when a service monkey would come in useful.

Or maybe not. :wink: