Can't connect to Harmony hub

I have a problem trying to connect my SmartThings hub V3 (UK model) to my Logitech Harmony hub. According to this there should be Logitech on the device list but there isn’t any.

How can I make the connection? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to SmartThings! Can you post a screenshot of the Add Device page that you see?

I assume you are not in the UK? If not, SmartThings may not offer it as an option in regions outside the UK. You should contact ST support at

No, I’m not in the UK. I’ll try the support.


You can just change the region to US, I leave in Europe and I moved my account to US in order to have everything available.
So far I have:
ST HUB V3 purchased from US
Amazon Alexa purchased from US
Philips HUE Hub + Lightstrip purchased from Europe
Harmony Hub purchased from US
Ikea bulbs purchased from EU
Motion sensors, water leak sensors, arrival sensors purchased from US

And everything is working fine