Can't connect Kwikset Obsidian Z-Wave lock

I have a Kwikset Obsidian Z-Wave lock that I installed. I had a similar issue with a Leviton switch that I eventually manually reset and then it worked. From the ST site it says it can only be reset via deleting the device from the hub which I can’t do since it won’t add. The Leviton switch could be reset by itself, independent of the hub. It says press the A button. I only see one button above the 4 small switches. Should those switches be set up in a specific combo? It’s like switches I would see in a light or fan remote. Everytime I press the A button it beeps once, the light stops flashing green, but then nothing ever happens. It never shows up. Should I be doing something different? I tried removing the battery pack to see if that helps “reset” it. I’m hoping now that I have a v3 hub (vs the Shield stick and then a even worse ADT Security hub) that I can start slowly setting up and adding to my smart home devices. I don’t have sophisticated needs and it’s incredibly frustrating how difficult it has been to just do the basics with ST. THanks for any help you can provide!

Try to exclude the lock before trying to reset it. See this post for steps on how to exclude the lock: How to migrate from Wink to SmartThings