Can't change device types any more

I am trying to change the type of a device from a momentary to a relay but I can no longer seem to do that on the graph.api webpage. Today they launched the official migration to the new app so perhaps it is related. Anyone else having this issue?

Are you trying to change DH for a device and is it not allowing?

What are you seeing for an error? I just changed a device type without issue within the IDE.

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Try logging in to IDE using an incognito/private tab in your browser

Yes - trying to change an existing momentary button to a relay switch. It let me do it but now it won’t let me change it back. Will try clearing cache and incognito

If you are a webCoRE user, you might also like to make sure you don’t have the dashboard open. I have read reports of that somehow causing the IDE to return errors, and it is something that I have definitely experienced myself when editing devices in the IDE.

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