"Can't assign actions" error because of unselected devices (June 2024)

Last night, I went to assign an action to the double-press function on a Samsung button (IM6001-BTP01) for my grandson while he stays with us. Press and hold already had functions and they were fine, but double-press gave me a “Can’t assign actions” error. When I tapped it, this is what popped up:

I eliminated the driver as the problem by trying a different device (a Hank 4-key scene controller) and it had the same problem. Any unassigned actions showed that error.

The only devices I had unselected are 2 in a different room, and unconnected to these buttons in any way, but I went in and selected them anyway and then everything went back to normal. It’s not a big deal, the 2 devices are a TV and cable box that Switchbot imported that ST can only power on/off, but I figured I didn’t need to look at their cards in ST. But if any devices are unselected, the error returns.

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Did you try it from the device detail view? If yes, try it again directly in the routines view.

Yes, it was from the device detail view.

It was no big deal to just select those 2 devices and stick their cards in an unused room, it was just an odd unexpected error. Or maybe not an error, but I can’t imagine what purpose it serves. If you’re allowed to unselect devices, I would think it shouldn’t interfere with the functionality of other unrelated devices.


I have that issues with my Tuya and Ikea buttons.
Creating a routine with those buttons instead works fine.

When this came up six months ago it was pretty much established that it was deliberate. It was particularly odd because it only affected the preset Routines found on the device details pages (both those on the Routines tab and those that inexplicably still linger on the Controls tab). The full Routines were fine.

Routines are a bit quirky at the best of times as they are reconstructed from the Rules. My best guess is that it is more trouble than its worth to handle the potential complications of inaccessible devices within the presets.