Can't add Samsung SmartCam to ADT Hub

I have tried for hours to add the Samsung SmartCam 6414 to my ADT hub. I understand it won’t integrate with the ADT Home Security part of the hub but I am also using the SHM to monitor other sensors in the house and I’d like it to record if the SHM goes off like it did in the v2 Hub. The camera is in the Marketplace but it just continually searches even though I have added it to my v2 hub the same way. (It was a pain to add it to the v2 hub also.) I’m curious if anyone has got their Samsung SmartCam added to the ADT Hub. SmartThings phone support says it’s not supported but then why is it an option to add it in the app?

I believe the adt hub doesn’t support video. During the original announcement they said video was coming 2018.

I’m having the same issue!!! Havent found an answer of a solution yet. The new app doesn’t list the samsung cameras any longer. Only the Arlo. SMDH!!!

The classic app does. Try to add them with Classic.

Only the Classic app lets me add them. However I still can’t add my SNH-6414 only my two SNH-6417s. And on top of that I can’t stream the video through the SmartThings Classic app. I still keep them connected because if the Smart Monitor goes off it does have them record for 2 min.

How did you get the smartcam to pair with the ADT hub?

There is no video processing for the ADT panel. So even if you are able to discover the SmartCams via LAN with your ADT panel, you won’t be able to stream video or record clips due to the lack of video processing.

I agree that you can’t watch them in the smartthings app. However, SmartThings sends the signal to tell the cameras to record when a shm event takes place. You can then go into the SmartCam+ app (comes with the camera) to view the recording.

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