Can't add S2 (series 700?) devices

My hub has decided to stop detecting S2 devices, or at least that’s what I think. I am experiencing this problem with a Zooz stick, a Zooz Zen77, and an Inovelli red dimmer. All had been detected in the past. I have tested some other devices that aren’t S2 or series 700 and everything works like normal. This is on a v2 hub with the new app, with the devices extremely close to the hub.

I’ve tried excluding over and over again. I have tried the app on a Pixel and an iPhone. I’ve tried a complete reboot of the hub. I’ve reset the switches. I’ve tried to add by ‘scan nearby,’ by scanning the QR, and by brand. I’ve done Repairs.

I’ll note that the stick can still find the switches.

Here’s some context. I have been having a hell of a time getting red Inovelli dimmers to work in a non-neutral setup. There is a thread over there and they released a beta firmware update, so I got the stick and PC controller and attempted to update the firmware. I struggled but think I was able to do it, but wasn’t able to get one of the two switches back into the hub (to do the update I excluded and paired with the stick rather than use stick as secondary controller; it excluded OK from the stick). This current problem developed at some point when I was trying to get the switch back into the hub.

The app just keeps searching, finding nothing. The IDE log usually has a bunch of entries like this when I try to include (brackets are mine):

devicetype:04, mac:[MAC], networkAddress:[ADDRESS], deviceAddress:C002, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/MediaRenderer/desc.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:[UUID]::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1, ssdpTerm:urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1, ssdpNTS:

I’d be grateful for any suggestions, thanks.

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Regarding the Inovelli switches, I would try a general exclude via the ST hub just to make sure it really excluded, since the stick can find the switches but the hub can’t. Saw that you excluded over and over again, but not sure if that was via ST or the PC Controller.

Although TBH, if you are having issues with multiple brands of S2 devices, it makes you wonder if something bigger isn’t going on.

When you flashed the dimmer(s), did you flash both targets?

Definitely re-add the Inovelli’s via the QR code.

If you’re having issues adding your ZEN77 dimmer, please get in touch with Zooz support to troubleshoot in detail. We haven’t been able to replicate this issue so it sounds like something specific to your set-up. We’ll be happy to help once you reach out!


Thanks. Yeah, it seems to be brand agnostic, which is why I posted here instead of on the product sites.

Two more clues. First, both switches can be excluded over and over again, seemingly with no end. In other words, I can use the app to go into exclude mode, click the switch three times, device excluded (as reflected in app and switch led), rinse repeat, just continuously.

Second, I tried to airgap the inovelli switch in the network, but that didn’t help with the other two. Then I airgapped the second inovelli, but that didn’t help with the zooz.


Brand agnostic sort of points to ST, but it still could be separate issues.

You didn’t answer about flashing the Inovellis. Did you flash both targets and how confident are you the flashing went well?

Yeah, crap – I ran into this problem a while back on my personal ST hub. What essentially happened was that I could remove any device, but I could never add it back into the network.

I remember taking a device that was perfectly communicating with ST and removing it and same thing… it wouldn’t pair back to the hub.

Unfortunately, I was never able to figure it out. I know this isn’t much help, but I wanted to at least let you know that I experienced the same thing and I would reach out to ST for help on this one.

Ugh… sorry I couldn’t be more help :confused:


I did flash both targets. I’m confident that I eventually did it right on both switches, but I know I initially did it wrong. The problem exists even when I airgap both those switches, FWIW. Thanks.

I really appreciate this, it is exactly what is happening, and at least it helps me feel a little less crazy about this. Definitely been entertaining a platform change for the first time.

Yeah no worries – just out of curiosity, how many devices do you have on the hub? I think I had close to 60 at the time, so I also thought maybe it was an issue with the # of devices, but it didn’t make sense that even if I removed perfectly working ones to get below the 60, they still wouldn’t pair.

Also, when you run the repair, do you notice any errors in your logs?

something I ran into with a LOT of zwave devices is that after so many the network gets very chatty and some devices refuse to join. Ive had to do a hard reset and start over a couple of times before this was realized.

I have 42 devices. When I run the repair, I have generally had three of the same devices “failed to update mesh info.” One of those devices also comes up twice with “failed to update route.” I need to try getting them off the network.

I tried creating a new location and adding the devices there, but still no luck.

Factory reset is probably in my future.

if those 3 are still listed as paired, try to exclude them. if they are not listed (i.e. force deleted) you can go into the IDE and manually create virtual devices with those 3 zwave ids. then delete them and run zwave repair. this might remove them.

Thanks. I removed all three, status quo.

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve had this problem, but I just wanted to pass along what I’ve been doing, in case anyone else is struggling too. We are slowly upgrading all our switches, and most of them are Zooz Zen76 or Zen77. I have been having a heck of a time adding them to my ST hub. It shows them and not supports devices. I also have a heck of a time excluding them too. What has worked to add them is beginning with normal inclusion process in ST and then triple tap the upper paddle. When is adds a “z wave device” there is a button next to it that says “secure setup”. Once clicked on that use the DSK # found on the box of the switch or on a QR sticker on the switch itself. This is the only way I have been able to consistently get them added. Though, it is not without issues. Hope that helps someone else as I’ve been finding adding these switches more than a tad irritating as I have a ton left to do.