Can't add my published apps to my "real" location

(Tbreslow) #1


I’ve just started writing SmartApps. Doing some simple things to get the hang of it. I’m missing something when it comes to publish. I have 3 locations: the ‘real one’ and then two I made to play with in the IDE. When I use the iOS App I can see the app in My Apps only when I am in one of the test locations. If I go into the real location where I actually have all my devices it doesn’t show that I have any “My Apps”. I tried to delete the non-real locations in the IDE and am getting 505 errors.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I just want to be able to get at a pretty trivial app I’ve created for use against real devices.


(Michael) #2

I would recommend chatting or emailing with support.