Can't add motion sensor to room

(Gokuva) #1

So what has been happening is that when I try to add a motion sensor to a specific room of mine, it does not appear on the list of items I can add. Also- when I try to go and delete it I get the error message saying I am not authorized to do this. Any ideas?

(David) #2

Hi @Gokuva,

Try to go into “My Devices” in the IDE and make sure that your devices all have a “Hub” assigned to them. If not, edit the device and select your hub from the “Hub” drop-down list. You should then be able to add those devices to your room.

(Gokuva) #3

The motion sensor is already assigned to the correct hub, it does say inactive though, could that mean anything?

(David) #4

Does the motion sensor show that it is already assigned to a room in the IDE?

Inactive should not matter. At least it does not matter in my device list.

(Gokuva) #5

It isn’t assigned to a room at all. I got in contact with support- apparently it’s a problem that the cloud engineers need to fix. Thanks for the response