Can't add a second Harmony Hub to Smartthings?

Hi all, just thought I’d post a quick update a few weeks down the line…

Basically support have said it’s a ‘known issue’ and their ‘working on it’ but that was almost 3weeks ago now, and I’ve heard nothing since.

They also said that some people had success changing the harmony hub’s account password. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Ultimately, I haven’t been able to bring myself to remove everything as suggested, I just can’t be bothered putting everything back together.

I bought the second hub, for a yet-to-be-built extension, so I’m going to ride it out until I absolutely have to add it in, but hopefully by this point there will be a proper fix (though I’m not amazingly confident it’ll happen).

same issue… have two hubs working, trying to add a third. Smartthings can’t find it.

3 weeks with no change :laughing:… It’s been a " known issue" for years.

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Have the same issue here as well cannot add the third harmony hub, I really don’t want to delete all them and start over. Any one else have any other method that worked?

Really not that big of a “to-do”. Just seems like it.

Goto each Harmony device, goto the SmartApps tab and take a screenshot of the apps that are tied to that Harmony device (activity).

Delete all of Harmony and redo the setup.

Go back to the SmartApps that had the activities tied to them and just update the switch.

Be done in less than 30 minutes vs spending hours trying to find a better way.

I’ve done it at least 6 times and I have 3 Hubs…

well that worked delete all the other hubs and re add them, there should be an easier way but not.

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I know. Seems straight forward but for some reason it doesn’t work the it should. Hopefully they will get it worked out.

ive done multiple times for multiple people and myself

you have to delete what you have in ST for harmony and re-do

Latest update, removed everything as recommended then started from scratch - outcome, found both hubs. Annoying to do, but alas, it did work. Looks like that’s what everyone will need to do until SM fix the bug.