Can't access a location from new smartthings apps which I can access from classic app

I have a weird situation. I attached a hub and created all the devices and automations in user2 as my user1 is linked to Europe region and I have moved to US. I asked Samsung CS to change the user1 account to US and the said it will take time. I couldn’t wait and created user2 account with US region and attached my new hub and created all automatons. After 1 month, Samsung CS changed my user1 account to US region. I have done so many customization in user2 smartthings devices, I decided its easy to share the hub to user1 and access the devices. I shared user2 devices with my wife’s account and she can access all devices from her Galaxy device and new smartthings app. But when I share with user1, I am able to access those devices from user1 classic app and from logged in as user1 but none of these devices or locations showup in my Galaxy device new smartthings apps logged in as user1. If you could understand my situation, can you tell me what is the problem with this?

Below is the screenshot from my user1 account showing it can access user2 id devices