Cannot turn lights on or off with garage door Open/close

(dave) #1

I’ve got 2 lfm 20’s and 2 garage door multis(just the large half), on my garage doors for control and indication. Also 1 open/close and 1 multi (both pieces) on 2 other doors. I added a jasco on/off in wall switch for side garage floodlights. I can control and get the indication that the lights are on or off with my iPad and iPhone. I’ve configured the lights to go on with any of the doors but cannot get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(dave) #2

I was able to install The Big Switch and the lights do go on but go off right away when my garage door zwave switch goes off. I want the lights to stay on untIl the garage door closes. any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Danny C) #3

Which section of the app did you add it to. It sounds like they are added in the turn on and off section. You will need to add it in the turn on but not off section.