Cannot Save in Amazon Alexa SmartApp

I am pretty sure this has been reported before but I can’t find it and thus not sure of possible solutions.

I am trying to authorize a new switch in the Amazon Alexa SmartApp and getting the following:

… and the device is not getting added to Alexa.

I had done the same recently for other devices with no issues but I have been trying this time for two days. I get an error trying via Connect too.

I have tried unchecking the new switch, rechecking, etc. Nada. Any ideas?

I may have to contact Amazon on this.

Correction to above statement. Three new devices did get picked up by Alexa despite the above message but I cannot get a fourth to show up in Alexa. Alexa is actually telling me the device in question is found more than once when I ask it to turn on/off yet the device does not show up in the actual Alexa app. I wonder if that is messing with the Skill somehow.

Take a look at your devices in Alexa ( via your PC, not the Alexa mobile app. A while back I found a ton of devices that I removed via ST, but somehow it never got removed from Alexa. I had to manually delete all those old devices. After I did that I stopped getting those errors.

First place I looked John. I do not see the offending device there either.

Tried to chat with Amazon and gave up. Can’t get a response.

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I’ve had issues like this as well and find the Alexa app to be extremely flakey. After you do the sync and don’t see the 4th device, try editing a group and see if it shows there as a possible device. Also, scroll through all devices in that list. I’m finding mine are often out of alphabetical order and some are plain hidden until I’m in a group edit menu. Super annoying.
Good luck and hope they do all appear eventually.

Thanks. I’ll keep playing around.

This morning, without me doing anything new or different I am able to save in the Alexa SmartApp.

Alexa still reporting no new devices found BUT this is a Harmony activity switch and it does show up in the Scenes section in the Alexa app and all is good. It had been a while since I added a Harmony activity/switch so I wasn’t paying attention. However, it’s confusing when Alexa discovery reports nothing found.

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