Cannot remove LOcation

I have the HubV2 and installed good with my IOS. I also have Phillips Hue and Sonos which i paired with the hub. So now the issues , nothing works , no schedules . I have tried manually to turn on the Hue lights and no dice. I have tried removing the Phillips Hue to maybe reconnect and try again but it wont let me delete. The Sonos i am having the same issues cannot schedule or set anything .
I am frustrated and now after reading the community messages tried to delete the Location and start over but guess what it wont let me delete my location!!. I get an error saying Cannot delete location : unexpected error.
I have put in a ticket to support and waiting to hear which will take some time i guess. Faulty Hub? I get notifications though.
Any suggestions?

Same problem. Did you find any solution? Their migration process documentation seems to suggest this is an issue.

I sure hope the v2 hub speed makes up for the hour it took to remove all of my devices so far, this migration process is crazy :frowning:

Email support, I had this happen when I migrated also and they took care of it pretty quickly.