Cannot remove device in IDE error "Could not roll back Hibernate transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransactionException: JDBC rollback failed"

ive got a few devices that have been replaced for various reasons that i wantt to get rid of. Instead of thinking ahead and properly disconnecting the zwave devices from the hub, they were just replaced and discarded and are either in storage or broken. So from what i read, i can just delete the device from the IDE, and if it ever gets used again it just has to be properly removed/paired by the new hub.

so im in the IDE and i want to delete these zwave devices. I randomly started having issues with my mesh so i thought some devices were still looking for these in the path back to the hub. repairing the mesh didnt help any, so i wanted to remove them and repair the mesh again. I get an error every time i try to delete the device (zwave and zigbee) from the IDE. This happens from my computer at work on Firefox, Chrome and Chrome incognito, as well as my home computer. Ive rebooted and cleared cookies on both adn tried it all again, so i know its not isolated to a browser, cookie cache, PC or location.

when i try to delete a device, it takes about 3 minutes to work, then reloads the page for the device with this error at the top:

Could not roll back Hibernate transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransactionException: JDBC rollback failed

im not sure this is related to my zwave issues, but it seems to have started after i repaired the mesh the first time after removing several devices. Im having some significant latency with zwave (iris motion sensor in my kitchen will turn on my lightify lights almost instantly, but the zwave switches next to it, that are part of the same smart lighting automation, sometimes take 5 or 7 seconds to turn on) so i want to clean things up as much as i can and get my stuff working well again.

What region are you in? Or what shard are you on?

My first thought is to contact ST support and let them look into this or delete the devices for you.

US. im not sure which shard, though. I can reach out to support, but itll be a few days, since im sure itll be a 45 minute phone call, so im hoping to get some help online where i can just work on it a couple of minutes here and there.

My only other thought is to login to IDE at

it took me to

but there are no devices, i think it defaulted to a non existing hub. When i pick my hub, it shows the devices but its the same issue when i try to delete a device.

Yep, I believe you are going to need to speak with ST support :frowning:

Hello @elnorte, please report this to ST Developer Support, I think it’s important for the whole community.


i posted there, too, and added the steps ive taken from the advice here and on the facebook group.

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