Cannot relink to TPLink Kasa account

After having a TPLink smart plug KP303 go offline in SmartThings app so also to Google and my routines, I removed the three separately controlled devices from Smartthings and unlinked TPLink service. Now I cannot re-link!

In the Smartthings app I see that I can add a partner device TPLink/Kasa, but if I choose this and login with my TPLink account, I have to choose scan a qr code or scan nearby.

Scan nearby does not find anything, as the device is not in pairing mode. I expected this to be picked up from the TPLink account information. But apparently this fails.

If I try in Smartthings to link my account, I get put in a cycle: “you can add … existing devices … by linking your account” so I login at the next screen, but after several seconds I am back at the same message: an endless cycle of login as if it never happened. I am using the TPLink account I use in my Kasa app and online at tplink.

Note that the outlet strip and devices appear and work fine from the Kasa app.

— I am a second user with all privileges on the Smarthub, could that be the problem??? Do I need to login with the admin account instead?

Change the default browser on your mobile device and try linking/authenticating again. You can switch the browser back after that.

If that doesn’t help… clear app cache if using Android.

Note: Scan nearby should not work with linked services… I believe using refresh link in the linked service is the proper method. I may be wrong.

I am not using a browser??? I am on an Android phone using the respective apps. I am typing in the account & passwords to be sure, but have also used my password vault checking the contents for consistency.

While you are starting in the ST app, a pop up browser page is used for the actual sigh in process.

Also I would try logging in as the administrator and see if that helps.