Cannot login ST classic app on s9

Anyone successfully used s9 to login ST app using ST account, seems it is forcing me to use Samsung account already on my phone

When did you create your account for SmartThings? If it was after May 3rd, 2017 then the account you created is a Samsung account.

When you are logging into the SmartThings Classic app and you enter your email address, it knows it’s a Samsung account, so that next screen shows enter your password for the Samsung account.

Your login is the same whether you login to the new SmartThings app or the Classic app.

If you have an ST account that hasn’t been converted over (Account Migration beta), there may be an issue with your account and the pre loaded New Samsung app/account creating an issue with logging in. In this event, I would contact Support and let them know that you have the S9 and both a Samsung and ST account and that you can’t login to Classic with ST account.

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Thanks for the answer I think I was too tired with the phone and the alcohol makes me forgot which account I should use, your reply awoke me instantly, so the story is I can login using my old non Samsung account but if someone has entered an email with an existing account (not linked to ST), ST app will force you to use that Samsung account without the need to login