Cannot install DTH from GitHub Repo but does work created locally

Subject kinda says it all. I wrote some DTH’s that are in my github repo and have updated others that are already in my IDE. Most work fine but I have one that when I try to install I get:

Updated 0 devices and created 0 new devices, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)

Now in the past it meant there was a error so I would copy the raw document, do a Create New Device Handler -> From Code, and paste it in which would show the error. Problem is doing it that way works fine and the device handler installs without issues. So I delete it out of my IDE, try pulling the exact same one again, and same error.

Is there any way to find out whats wrong?

Naming convention violation possibly? Do you have it in the correct folder structure?

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That was it. Directory name “xxx-yyyy.src”, DTH named “xxx-yyyy.groovy” but internal in the DTH it was name: “xxx yyyy zzzz” and it didn’t like it. Thanks!

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