Cannot get temperature to offset in aeon multisensor 6 rv-2.2

(Cliff walker) #1

can anyone help …everything else seems to be offsetting

(Larry) #2

whose device type are you using have you tried mine… mine works differently it doesn’t use the internal adjustment. it manally adjusts after getting a reading.

Zooz ZSE40 4-1 Motion Sensor and other Zooz devices (ZSE01, ZSE02)
(Eric M) #3

I have been contemplating this lately with my Aeon sensors. I decided that there really was no point for the hardware based offset and it is too troublesome. Software offsets work so much better and can give you instant results. I too have modified my multisensor device type with a software based offset. I keep the reported temperature in a variable (state.realTemperature). That way, I can display the adjustment immediately after it is changed in preferences. In the updated() method I send the event of state.realTemperature + tempOffset. Works great.

(Cliff walker) #4

Thanks I’m now using your device and is working well…thanks again


Just what I was looking for, will try later.