Cannot create new simulated switches

Ooh my fricking gosh. Creating the ST, harmony and echo system is making me feel damn stupid. Lol. I’m just trying to create some momentary button tiles and it won’t allow me to do one. I’m getting an error message saying i need to fill in the location or hub , but it’s just a blank field with a radial button. Please help this newbie!

Ummmmmm… You’re probably gonna have to scoot that one up to support… I haven’t seen that…

But I bet this guy has!

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Lolol. I printed about 50 pages of info today, but I am still having difficulty with putting it in action I am just shooting for having voice commands to turn on my TV but I have DirecTV and fire TV. That’s it. Lol. Ok. I want to have Alexa turn either my directv on or leave it off to access fire TV. I would like to ask Alexa to go to specific channels, use the guide, list of recorded shows and change volume. Is that asking too much? :joy:

I’d report the problem to support – – that one just looks weird.

Meanwhile, go ahead and set up each activity that you want to use voice control with on your harmony. You’re going to need those in any case. Everything that you’re asking for is likely possible, but to be honest, it’s harder with fire TV then with almost anything else because it keeps changing the order in which things are displayed. I have a fire TV, and AppleTV, and a Roku, and as far as voice control with Echo goes I like the Roku the best.

But it can be done. It just may take you a while work out exactly which activities you want, which is why you might as well start working on them.

Then if you like, you can just use the echo Ifttt channel with Harmony directly. It’s not quite as smooth as what you can get with the official ST integration, but it works well and it’s really easy to do. :sunglasses: So you can at least get started with that while you’re working through whatever is going on with the smartthings stuff.

Ignore the second message that is covered in the following thread, because the official integration has changed. But take a look at the first message, using “Alexa, trigger…”

I’ve honestly been surprised that the echo/fire TV integration isn’t better without using harmony. I’m guessing that that’s an improvement will see eventually.

I’ve read so many of your comments, I feel like I should be able to do this easily. Lol. Even adding the Logitech trigger app failed. It had almost every option greyed out, so I’m not sure if I should just start with harmony and do the activities before anything else.

Oops, I guess that’s what you suggested. I do want to integrate Smartthings asap, but I guess that won’t be possible until I figure out the switches.

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Go figure. I just logged out of the Ide website (is that correct usage?) and suddenly I was able to create a switch. Lol.