Cannot Connect To Smart Power Outlet

A few months ago I had changed something and ever since I have been unable to connect to my ST plug. I stopped using the plug cause no matter what I did, it was hopeless to get the mobile app to connect to it. I even deleted my phones cache in the app and it did nothing to correct the problem.

So here I am months later and I am trying again to get it to work since I need use of the plug. I went as far as deleting the app and reinstalling and still, nothing. What am I doing wrong? It works fine if I manually press the button, so I am thinking this is not a defective unit. I believe it is something with the mobile app.

How can I start over from scratch so hopefully my plug will be detected and connect?

Plug With Issue:!/products/smartpower-outlet

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Did you check what it’s device type in the iDE is? It should be “smart power outlet”. If it is not that set it it it and hit update.

If doesn’t work delete the device from the ide and double check in your phone app if it’s gone. Now start the process again as in the manual with 10-15 feet it nearer from the hub. At times it gets added as a Centra lite switch which you need to change in the ide. I added 3 of these within the last week.

If detected at all logout of your phone app and login again. It should be there. If this goes not work, then you need give support a howl.

There is nothing in the iDE. I erased everything. I havent done this in a while and do not remember how to get the device network ID.

Contact support. That’s the best option.

Look into (search) exclusion mode to remove your device first. All may be deleted but the system can still remember your device and therefore won’t add it again no matter what you do.

I just have to re-add it to the iDE however I have not messed with this since my initial setup a year ago. All I need is my network device ID. I do not remember where to get that info. I have the sticker on the device but do not know what to put into that field when adding a new device in the iDE. I emailed support and got no response.