Cannot change temperature offset - smartthings multipurpose sensor?

I have many smartthings sensors. They have a temperature. I need to adjust this. (Android)
In any particular device, then setting, then temperature offset.
Great so far except…
When entering a figure the only allowed characters are 0-9 and decimal point.
NO negative sign (or minus, or dash, whatever you like to call it)
The entry screen says the range is -10 ~ 10. So 10 degrees up or down. There is no way to enter “down” or negative. I can only increase the temperature offset.
Help? Thoughts?

Hi @joneskl

Is an App issue

Write the negative value anywhere that allows you to copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the offset setting.

OMG, I should have thought of that. Worked perfectly! (although they still need to fix the entry form)

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