Cannot Add Mobile Device

I removed my mobile phone (S8+) as a Presence Sensor in an attempt to correct a problem in Classic app. Now, when I try to add it back, I get the error message, “Could not create mobile presence device.”

Any ideas on correcting it?

You are creating it in the Classic app or the Samsung Connect? Does the sensor show up in the IDE or is it actually deleted?

Classic app. It’s actually deleted. Really strange…my wife’s phone is still connected fine.

Are you singed in to the same account on both phones or different accounts?

Yes. I’m using the same setup that I used before.

I asked an OR question and you answered with YES? Which is it? Same account or different accounts? If same account, well, there’s your problem. You have to be on different accounts. If different, then call support.

I’m having the same issue using the same account on both devices… Something must have changed recently then

I ended up creating a Life360 account in order to get my phone to work as a presence sensor.

I verified we’re using 2 different accounts but after I removed my mobile presence sensor, I’m getting an error “cannot add mobile presence device”. Support hasn’t given me anything useful.

It’s too bad Samsung isn’t fixing anything! This has been broken for long enough, but I guess Samsung is more interested in their LAME new SmartThings App ‘aka Samsung Connect’ to fix this. Yes, I said their Samsung Connect is LAME!

Are you using the same accounts? I had that same problem. You need to have the same accounts on both. If that doesn’t work, try resetting some stuff.

You can’t have the same account on both devices. How would it know which is the device you want to use for mobile presence? You have to have different accounts for each device or mobile presence will be all wonkey.

Actually, this was a user error.