Cannot access "[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions" topic

Hi there!

Strangly, I cannot access the topic “[Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions”… I get an error " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.". Anybody knows why? Is it just me?


echo Speaks was discontinued when ST shut it down.

I thought there is a new version coming?

possible but i would not count on it

And can you access the topic I mentioned?


once it became evident that a replacement version would not be coming it looks like the thread was either deleted or hidden. not sure why they didn’t just lock it and leave the latest post to say “this is dead. move along”

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That, AND a prominent mention of the situation at the very top of the OP, AND an appropriate, noticeable prefix of some sort added to the beginning of the thread title line (which is what I try to do in similar situations). That way, the history is preserved, and everyone knows what’s going on right away when they get to the post.