Cannot access device help at anymore?

I can’t get a Smartthings Motion Sensor from 2015 to pair. So I googled to find the support page and got this link:

It asked me to login (!?), and it didn’t accept any of my existing passwords for my old SmartThings account or my Samsung account, nor for the old account when it to zendesk. I used the password reset form and changed the password. Now I can login to the page and it says:

You’re not authorized to access this page

I checked a few other support pages that were in my history, and they all fail this way. E.g.,

So it looks like none of the device support pages are available anymore. Hopefully this is just something broken with the new website and they haven’t really removed the content.

It does look like the pages are gone. You cannot find any device help at all when starting from

Some are available via google’s cache. E.g.,

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Hey there! @jkp @jlv

Thank you for your patience and understanding as the Support page has been Transitioned.

I wanted to provide you with a direct link to the revamped support pages.

You can locate the articles for review here:

Here you will be able to select or enter the model code of the Motion Sensor for troubleshooting.

I hope this message finds you well!


@SamsungZell, where is all the device help under there? It’s not obvious. I just spend quite a while searching and I couldn’t find it anything helpful.

In my case I have a Motion Sensor V2 (2015 model). I was able to select that and got to:

That’s got nearly nothing useful about the device. The old page cached at (even missing the PDFs and more detailed links) is much more helpful.

It appears that nothing under “Solutions” at the bottom is actually about this device.

It would also have been minimally helpful if at least had a link to