Canceled timer help

So I need some input here. Im focusing on the bottom two OR Statements. Each controls a different lock. I put them in one piston trying to consolidate all my piston work. The TCP settings work the way I would like, Meaning any time the condition in the OR Statement becomes false the timer resets when it is true again. My problem is if OR Statement one resets then it resets the timer in OR Statement number two. Is there a way to isolate this behave. I want each OR Statement to operate on its own and not affect the other.

Unfortunately still reset the other timer. And it left the timer running in the first Action for Notification. Seemed a bit weird.

Any input @ady624?

Yea, I see what you’re saying about the bar. Ill give it a shot. Im going to just focus on the bottom two. The top one is not a concern as it doesn’t fire in the same modes.

I hope you are not posting your phone number all over the internet. Just figured I would let you know :innocent:

Dang it. Meant to black that out.