Cancel button replaced my Replace button?

What happened to the replace button/feature in the individual device settings? I used this when a device lost communication with the hub so that I wouldn’t have to remove and re-add all the smart apps.

I still have it. Are you on iOS or android?


“Replace” only works for Z-Wave devices. Is it perhaps a ZigBee or other device?

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Forgot the GE Link bulb was ZigBee. All of my other GE switches are Z-Wave so assumed the same for the bulb. Should have known that. Thanks. Any quick way to replace the Smart App settings for a ZigBee device?

This unfortunately can happen rather often a GE links. It’s the reason they are not on the official “works with smartthings” compatibility list.

Try the suggestions in the following FAQ first, usually you don’t have to actually remove the GE Link and change the smart apps if you follow these steps:

My life has dramatically been less stressful since I yanked the GE bulbs from my house.

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This is why I have tried to keep my system all Z-Wave. It is easier to fix and restore. I have a few bulbs GE link and Cree but they seem to lose communication more than my Z-Wave switches. Couldn’t get the GE bulb to reset so I think it may be fried. Replaced it with a Cree bulb. Let’s see how stable it will remain.

Most Zigbee bulb brands, including Hue, Cree, Osram, even some of the Chinese knockoffs, maintain reliable connection to the network.

The GE links have a known firmware flaw, which causes some of them to occasionally “forget” what network they belong to. Nothing to do with SmartThings – – you’ll find complaints about the issue on any Hue forum as well because they also drop off the Hue bridge. This flaw is the reason they are not on the official “works with SmartThings” compatibility list.

I originally had eight GE links and last December replaced them with the $15 hue whites and went from having a problem every week or so to having no problems at all. :sunglasses:

Z wave is a good protocol, zigbee is a good protocol, they both have pros and cons. But the GE Link problems are not because of zigbee, they are because of a flawed implementation of zigbee.