Cancel an intrusion notification when Away?

(Jerry Adcock) #1

Noobie question. I’ve figured out how to get my new system set up with a v2 hub and just a couple of sensors. I’ve also figured out how to have my system change to Armed/Away when I leave the area.
However, if I get an intrusion notification while I’m gone (e.g., someone tripped the motion sensor) but I’ve resolved that it’s not a threat, I don’t know how to cancel that intrusion if I’m not back at home…I keep getting texts every hour reminding me that I have a motion intrusion that I’ve haven’t addressed.
Is there a way to cancel an alarm when I’m not in z-wave range? Like a web app that would bridge over to the smart hub?
Thanx much.

( I hate Mondays) #2

Go to the SHM page (dashboard in the ST app) and tap on the red Alert, then scroll down and tap Dismiss. Follow the prompts.

(Jerry Adcock) #3

You’re absolutely right. I thought I had tried that, but maybe I was unable
to get a cell signal and didn’t notice. Thanx much!