Cancel an intrusion notification when Away?

Noobie question. I’ve figured out how to get my new system set up with a v2 hub and just a couple of sensors. I’ve also figured out how to have my system change to Armed/Away when I leave the area.
However, if I get an intrusion notification while I’m gone (e.g., someone tripped the motion sensor) but I’ve resolved that it’s not a threat, I don’t know how to cancel that intrusion if I’m not back at home…I keep getting texts every hour reminding me that I have a motion intrusion that I’ve haven’t addressed.
Is there a way to cancel an alarm when I’m not in z-wave range? Like a web app that would bridge over to the smart hub?
Thanx much.

Go to the SHM page (dashboard in the ST app) and tap on the red Alert, then scroll down and tap Dismiss. Follow the prompts.


You’re absolutely right. I thought I had tried that, but maybe I was unable
to get a cell signal and didn’t notice. Thanx much!