Canadian weather app?

(Nigel Linnett) #1

Hi all,

Is there a weather app designed to handle Canadian locations? I have tried a couple of apps (I think WeatherUnderground and SmartWeather) but they all ask for a ZipCode. When I enter a canadian postal code, I don’t get an error, but I don’t get weather either.


(Nigel Linnett) #2

And now I feel stupid, Takis has a weather app which does handle canadian zip codes no problem. Now I wonder if I was just fat-fingering my postal code before. :confused:

(Ray) #3

Leave the zip code blank and it will default to your hub location.

(Nigel Linnett) #4

Thanks Navat604, I wouldn’t have guessed that. I know it says optional, but I had no idea what that would do