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(Alex) #141

Google Home is sold out at the above site. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to buy one. :confounded:

(Ryan Little) #142

Well mine shipped out yesterday and I bought 2 and paid $60 more tho so… they were $195 all in from there.

(Vic Singh) #143

Hey Guys,

The Wemo Switches are on sale for $35.00 at Bestbuy and

I picked up 2

(David Creed) #144

Thanks Marc,

None in stock in my area unfortunately.



Just an FYI, I had 7 of the Cree bulbs working nicely. These were the least problematic of my devices in the beginning. One suddenly decided to not turn off fully. I did a lot of troubleshooting including removing and re-adding. It worked fine, smart apps worked properly except it would not turn off fully. About two weeks later instead of shutting off about 95% it would only shut off about 25%. About a month after that another Cree bulb started doing the same thing. Both have now been removed from my system.

(Marc Tremblay) #146

I had issues with the Cree bulbs in about May of this year. I ended up
moving my hub to my main floor instead of my basement. Since then they have
been flawless.

(Joel) #147

Any chance these bulbs were in enclosed spaces? After having a few different types of LED bulbs krap out on me far before they should have I learned only a very few are rated to be used in enclosed spaces. Some of the premature deaths were due to the enclosed spaces, but others were just poorly designed bulbs that were never enclosed.

I managed to get my hands on a bunch of the Switch LEDs bulbs, which have the entire globe actually filled with silicone liquid. They are very heavy, but have shown no signs of colour shifting or dimming. Unfortunately the over engineered Switch bulbs were also extremely pricy, so nobody bought them and they’re no longer available. But when I go to buy my next set of LED bulbs, you can be sure I’ll be looking for bulbs rated to be used in enclosed spaces, whether that is where they will live, or not.

(Andy T) #148

One of my sensors ran out of batteries and looking at a replacement. Where do you buy batteries? I found some in Walmart and Shoppers drug Mart. But they’re a bit expensive at about $8/pc. Found some in Amazon as well, Panasonic at $17+/5 pcs. Just wondering if there’s a store where I can buy reasonably priced ones. Thanks!

(Dave N) #149

If they are the AAAA batteries for the multi-sensor I think you are screwed. I had to pay 8.00 at London Drugs :frowning: When I don’t use this sensor I pull the batteries to save them.

(Andy T) #150

Thanks! I’m actually trying to find the CR2450 type batteries. I think the GoControls may have the AAAA batteries, I have these too.

(rwelsh09) #151

Have you looked at eBay? I’ve gotten some really good deals from there.

(Roman) #152

Had the same issue - CR2450 in Canada are $8-12 … I ended up buying a bunch when I was on a trip to US for $3 each at Walmart.
Just be careful buying those cheap ones from Amazon - some of them don’t fit in properly into some of ST sensors, so I would check with support for the brands they recommend.

(Andy T) #153

Ugh! Didn’t think of Walmart US. Crossed the border just the other day. Thanks anyway. Will keep this in mind next time.

(Marc Tremblay) #154

This is worth looking at. Very cheap window/door sensors and button that seem to now be working with smartthings.

(Alex) #155

Does anyone here sell this?

(Joel) #156

Not that I know of in Canada, but there is always AliExpress

(Bm) #157

gearbest is good too.

(Alex) #158

I really do hate the 3 month shipping…

(Marc Tremblay) #159

Haha. So do I but I dont need any of this stuff asap and I like cheap so doesnt really bug me. I ordered the button about a week ago. I’ll post in here when it arrives to give an idea of how long shipping was. I ordered from here:

(Neal ( / #160

I have 10 motion sensors on order, should arrive in a week or 2. Probably going to order some of the door/window sensors as well. Will update once I receive them. I also managed to get a xiaomi hub to make pairing easier.