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(Jay) #121

I can agree with this. No deals for us Canadians. I live in Niagara Falls and just hop across the border to lowes/homedepot or pick up my Internet purchases.



Although I get the majority of my devices in the US, my local supplier is AARTECH.
Address: 1129 Wentworth St W #2b, Oshawa, ON L1J 8P7
Phone: (416) 800-0710

(Jane) #123

I did find this guy selling the iris motion sensors on at a good price. I bought 2 of them and they have been working good.

(Andy T) #124

Good price. But shipping at $19…

(Jay) #125

I saw these a few weeks ago and shipping was only $8.80. Now I see the same thing $19.

(Alex) #126

You can find this kit at Home Depot for $53, if you are lucky (it’s not listed on HD website):

(Andy T) #127

I’m using this at home. Bought it at homedepot for $39 or $49 + tax (can’t really remember). Found it on the clearance section.

(Roman) #128

There is a deal for peanut smart plugs at best buy right now for $14.99 ($20 off)

(Ryan Little) #129

Darn all sold out

(Marc Tremblay) #130

I was at home depot this week and they had the Cree Smart Bulbs on for $6 a piece. These work fairly well with smartthings and dim. I have 4 of them now. Seems like a good deal.

(Andy T) #131

@Marc_Tremblay May I know which home depot you went to? I just went to a Waterloo location and did not find any. They had the regular cree led bulbs for $6.97 but did not find the smart ones. Thanks!

(Marc Tremblay) #132

I was at the Regina store.

The smart ones were at the end of an aisle. Not in with the rest of the bulbs.

(David Creed) #133

Hi Marc,

Any chance you could provide a part number for these?


(David Creed) #134

Hi Jane,

Sorry I’ve been away from the forums for a while. Welcome!

One thing that I have found that works for me is to purchase items in lots through e-bay or direct from vendors and then either sell the excess items locally via Kijiij, or trade them. Plus I’m sure many of us have items that we purchased but no longer use, and they are just sitting around waiting.

So I would suggest getting to know your local SmartThings users, and publishing any items that you would be willing to part with here.

I will check what I excess items I have and post a list shortly for anyone that is interested.


(Jane) #135

That’s a great idea David. I am just starting out and I don’t have anything that I am not using at the moment but I would be interested in what others might have.

(Marc Tremblay) #136

(Vic Singh) #137

These are day light bulb… Try yorkdale location in Toronto… They had tons recently but call first.

I got 5 then return them all because my wife didn’t like the colour.

(Scott) #138

Hey Guy, Scott from Pembroke, have been working with Smartthings for about 2 years went through the ass pain of upgrade and re-building all devices… 25 devices, amazon alexa integration always looking for a good deal on equipment

(Alex) #139

For us, Canadians, there’s a good deal on Google Home at It’s $99, on sale, with free shipping to Canada.

(Jay) #140

I’m only 5 min from border but this is actually better considering gas and border toll. Roughly $115 shipped, that’s with their customs added on. Once converted to Canadian is roughly $155. Good find thx.