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(Ray) #101

I have one of this and the power monitor is working per the link you posted above. The cover plate is actually pretty decent looking too. I see bestbuy is raising the Phillips lux bulb to $19.99 now. Homedepot will probably follows soon.

(Jeff) #102

picked up three today!

(Dave N) #103

Sadly none left at mine and they don’t transfer discontinued stock from other stores.

(Marc Tremblay) #104

Picked one up yesterday. I dont really have much use for these but I might go get another one for the hell of it.

Thanks for the heads up that these are on sale!!


Oh look… Anmazon Canada has a deal on Fibaro Multi sensor… Only 2 left though. Might have to get both :imp:

(Dave N) #106

And at only 618.00 they are good value too.
Love the Amazon pricing algorithm.

(Alex) #107

At this price you probably need another security system just to watch over them.

(Ryan Soares) #108

Issues here in Toronto!!!

Ive had smarthtings for over a year now… Hub1 then migrated to hub 2 with no issues. All of a sudden all my smartthings branded/zigbee devices stopped communicating. After some troubleshooting with support the rep thinks either the zigbee module in the hub is dead or the wifi in my house is affecting only zigbee devices. The weird thing is my two yale zigbee locks, report status changes if i manually lock and unlock the doors, but it wont respond to lock/unlock requests from smarthtings.

My question is why now? Support is saying if haven’t installed anything new on my network recently it could be a neighbor that installed something on their network that’s affecting it. I have wifi in my house but the only that connects to wifi is our phones… everything else is wired. I’m gonna try they’re last round of troubleshooting tips, which invloves taking my hub outside my house and trying to connect a smartthings sensor… if that doesnt work i’m gonna push for a replacement hub.

Thanks for reading my rant

Oh yeah FYI -

D Link cam on sale for $69

(Ryan Soares) #109

Just an update in case this happens to anyone… i unplugged the hub for 30mins, plugged it back and was able to re-pair all my zigbee devices. Very weird… maybe a reset woke up the zigbee module?

(Neal Shannon) #110

Hello Canadians! I’ve decided to go with the SmartThings hardware for our home automation. Can anyone recommend a method to purchase the equipment? The only website (that I’ve found, at least) that will ship to Canada is the SmartThings’ website. I would like to try and avoid paying the customs and duties if possible.

I’ve tried all of the partner websites, but none ship to Canada.

Has anyone had any luck or experience with ordering their SmartThings gear? I would be appreciative of any help!



I’ve been hit or miss paying customs on items coming through Depends on the size of the order, I think, but even after the weak dollar and customs, it still usually winds up cheaper coming from instead of, if it will ship to us. The SmartThings website manged to ship to me within a week of back-ordered items coming in, but I did have to pay customs on it.

Canada Post uncertainty has made Amazon less appealing though, as the free shipping options don’t always work.

There’s also Aartech listed above, and you can find some things at Best Buy, Home Depot, or Lowes, if they exist in your area… I managed to pay less than $6 for a pair of GE Link bulbs at HD the other day, and can tolerate the issues reported by others.

(Ryan Little) #112 has Arlo cam’s as well as many other retailers. I just ordered the hub from ST and the rest from

(Neal Shannon) #113

Hey mate,

Thanks for the reply! Ive ordered my key gear from SmartThings US, but plan to check the other sites for additional equipment. Its a $600 order so I hope I see it soon.

Ill let the group know how the shipment goes. I did contact SmartThings about canadian retailers and they were really quick to respond. They donèt know when they will have product on the shelves in Canada but said they are working towards opening up their international partners to have in-store product.

Thanks to @AllJetNoPilot for the quick reply! much appreciated!

(Neal Shannon) #114

BTW, I read that some canadian buyers had difficulty purchasing from the main SmartThings website. I bank with CIBC and had no troubles during the check out process. I wanted to add a data point to the discussion.

The next data point will be the shipment or arrival time of the product. Ive read that it can take several weeks. USPS is great to ship North but if the product value is inflated the duty or customs fees can be very high. Tough to swallow because it is product probably manufactured in Mexico. I dont know this for a fact though. #NAFTA

Thanks again for the help!

(Alex) #115

When purchasing through, they tell you exactly how much customs fees are going to be. Also, when paying with the Amazon credit card, there’s no conversion fee.[quote=“AllJetNoPilot, post:111, topic:11492”]
Best Buy, Home Depot, or Lowes

What does Lowes carry? I haven’t noticed a “Smart Home” section in the store and nothing comes up on search…

(Neal Shannon) #116

Hello again. My SmartThings order has arrived, and I’m really happy with the speed of the shipment. In total it took 6 days to receive the order in Calgary. If I lived in Toronto, I would have had it in 3-4 days. For reference of the other Canadian’s ordering direct from SmartThings, I paid $34CAD in duty/taxes etc.

Looking forward to getting it setup over the weekend.

Thanks everyone!

(Jeff) #117

what all did you order? last summer I did nearly all my light switches in my home (in airdrie), my door locks (2), door sensors, garage door, flood sensors, a sump pump water level monitor, several motion detectors (that get no use because of pets), and working on a several water valves now. so far things have been great aside form system instability from time to time.
hope your install goes well!

(Neal Shannon) #118

Hi Jeff, thanks for the reply. I literally owned 0 HA equipment before today, so I’m starting from scratch. I ordered a v2 Hub kit, some door/window sensors, some leak sensors, and an arrival sensor for one of the vehicles. I also bought a Samsung Camera off amazon.

Some background on our purchase. We live in a pretty safe area (9-years) now, but our next door neighbors had a break-in two weeks ago. I’d like to setup some security on our house and be alerted if we are away and there is motion and/or doors & windows opening. What attracted me to SmartThings was i can setup different rules if my wife and I are home or away. I frequently travel for work and would have some comfort knowing that I can be notified of unusual activity, and have the ability to check on our house. That said, I do not want any “alert spam”, so I want to be able to dial in the configuration.

I’m a nerd for this type of stuff, so I expect to expand the system to include door locks, more cameras / motion sensors, etc. Some of the Echo voice control might be neat too.

(Jeff) #119

Looking forward to hearing how your install goes, all in all Im into the system for far more Canadian pesos than I would want my wife (who loves the system now) to know and far more time than I care to think about. but its an interesting hobby that can benefit your home security and piece of mind. However I also have a video surveillance system separate from smart things. Good luck with the install!

(Jane) #120

Hey, nice to see another Burlingtonian on the forum. Just found this group. Notice that nobody has found any great deals yet. I also find it very frustrating to find stuff for ST in Canada.