Can you sync from Alexa TO Smartthing?

Hey all,
I already have some routies setup within Alex.
I want to use this with Smartthing/ActionTiles.

ive found a way to sync from smartthing to alexa, however what about the other direction? Alexa “good night” routine to smartthings?

is that possible?

You can, but it’s a fiddle. Alexa will trigger when a SmartThings contact opens or closes. You need to set up a Simulated Contact in the IDE, then arrange for whatever SmartThings trigger you want to use to close this Simulated Contact.
Add this contact to the Alexa Smart App and do a Discovery. Then, when you set up your routine in Alexa you need to pick Device as the trigger, and use this Contact. Then, when the event occurs in SmartThings, the simulated Contact will close and notify Alexa to start the routine.
As I say, a fiddle to set up, but very reliable once it’s working.

You can select a Smart Home device in the Alexa App for an action…Just make sure you have the SmartThings device selected in the Alexa SmartApp in SmartThings.

You can use a SmartThings virtual swtich in your Alexa routine and have that kick off whatever you want in SmartThings,

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