Can you control SmartThings with an IR remote

Is there a way to use an IR remote to control SmartThings?

Example, hit watch tv and dim the lights.

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Yes you can, but you’re going to have to build it using an Arduino and a ThingShield. It works well, but its default is to turn on and off a light. You’ll need to modify the code in order to make it do other things (like dimming the lights).

Thank you for the info. Is there a way to run a macro using an IR command? Does SmartThings do macros? Mine is on it’s way sorry for being ignorant.

Yes, but it depends on your programming skills. If you want to have more complex rules, you’ll need to write your own SmartApp if one isn’t already created to fit your need.

There are a few tricks out there, by using some generic SmartApps. There’s a few apps that can for instance change modes based on a light switch toggle. This can be tied to the IR receiver.

Once you get your unit, post on the community board what you’re trying to accomplish. We’re more than happy to help you build your perfect system.

There’s a whole different way to approach this, using an iTach WiFi to IR bridge. @scottinpollock is using it, for example.


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Now the remote is triggering the bridge that sends the IR, but the remote itself doesn’t have to be IR-enabled. :blush: