Can you build a climate control routine that only runs from Alexa?

How do you build a climate control routine (e.g., turn on AC if the temperature is above ##, and turn on heat if the temperature is below ##) that won’t run on its own but can only be run from Alexa?

I’m thinking of a home-coming climate control that I can initiate via Alexa as I’m driving home. But I don’t want it to run on its own while I’m away just because the conditions are met.

Is this possible?

Use an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) as the trigger. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I thought about that too. But my temperature sensor and thermostat are not “Work with Alexa” products.

Doesn’t matter. :sunglasses: If they work with smartthings, then you can have the Alexa routine turn on a virtual switch which then you can respond to from the smartthings side. You’re just initiating it from echo.

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Create a Scene in the new app and don’t include it to any automation. Include the Scene in your Alexa SmartApp connected service. Done! That’s what I do for a few things.

I have a Good night scene that I tell Alexa “Turn on Goodnight” and certain lights turn off and the thermostats adjust right where I want them. I also have one for when driving up to the house that I use with my Echo Auto.

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Hmmm, just noticed that part of your requirement… That will be your stumbling block with a Scene. Sorry!

But, what if you just say “Alexa, set downstairs thermostat to 68” and we assume you have your thermostat in Auto mode. Wouldn’t that do the same thing? Only run the AC if 68 was below the current temp, or heat if 68 was warmer? Again, assuming your thermostat is in Auto mode.

But it will still work with the virtual switch. :sunglasses: If the switch turns on and the temperature is above X, start the air conditioner.


This is why we love @JDRoberts!!!

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