Can Xiaomi Plug work as zigbee repeater?

I’m looking for zigbee repeater and I got Xiaomi zigbee Plug.
[Xiaomi zigbee Plug ](Look what I found on AliExpress Look what I found on AliExpress

I want to know if it’s work as zigbee repeater or not.


Hi @MagnusBergs
Did you use this device as ZigBee repeater?
How it is working?


Hi Saif,

Sorry for the late reply, just been busy with the new house. To answer your question, yes I am using the zigbee power plug as a zigbee repeater and it has been working really well for that. Was able to use that power plug to direct the zigbee signal to the first floor of my home.

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Hi brother,
no problem,
Thank you very much for your reply.
congratulation for your new home :clap::clap:

can you give me link of DH of xiaomi plug which you are used?

Best Rregards

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Thank you very much :rose: