Can Xiaomi Camera link with Aeotec Smartthings hub?

I am new to smart home world and just bought an Aeotec smartthings hub. I am looking for a camera to pair and there are some attractive camera from Xiaomi but I can’t find a source that tells if it works with smartthings. It is Xiaomi 2k Pro 360 camera from China and it will take some weeks to arrive if I place the order.

Does anyone know if this works?

It doesn’t. Only a few cameras work, and they have to be the specific models listed in the app


Matvei is right, there is limited cameras that work with SmartThings. You can check which ones do by going to add a device, then choose the “by device type” tab at the top and then choose camera. It will show the brands there.


Thanks, I think I will stick with the camera available locally. Ther isnt much choice in Norway though.